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Branding: Storytelling vs Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Category Article
Date 13 Jan 2024
Read Time 5 mins
Author Nic Simoes

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

In the dynamic realm of talent acquisition and employee retention, the roles of employer and employee brands are akin to that of storytelling, weaving narratives that resonate with both current and prospective partnerships by way of a desirable EVP.

EVP is essentially the value an employer can offer in return for employee skills, experience and abilities. This is achieved by appealing to the desired talent pool through an authentic Employer Brand.

TL;DR: a walk through the intricacies of personal and employer branding to elevate the elusive but vital Employee Value Proposition (EVP). EVP defines how the talent you attract and hire, perceives your brand.

Authentic Employee Narratives + Strong Employer Brand = Desired EVP.

Crafting Personal Brands: The Power of Individual Narratives

Within a brand narrative, each employee is not merely a contributor but a protagonist with a unique storyline. Brands encourage team members to be the authors of their professional tales, showcasing their achievements and experiences with their networks, to contribute to and enhance their employer brand.

The characters (our employees) take to social media platforms to share snippets of their journeys. It's a strategic move, a social media engagement quest that transforms our workforce into a chorus of voices, amplifying the ethos of the workplace. The positive ripple effect is profound; it shapes perceptions, attracts like-minded individuals, and fortifies employer branding within the digital realm.

The narrative unfolds further with a collaborative effort to craft Thought Leadership. By positioning employees as industry experts, you can foster credibility and authority within the industry. Through content creation, event participation, and active engagement in professional forums, they become thought leaders in their own right. It amplifies the brand and positions it as a hub of expertise and innovation.

The narrative then turns personal, zooming in on the characters through Authentic Employee "Testimonials". These aren't scripted endorsements but genuine expressions of their experiences at work. These testimonials, carefully curated, become the anecdotes that humanise the brand and forge an emotional connection.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Crafting the Employer Brand: The Synchronicity of Values

As the plot thickens, the focus shifts from individuals to the collective as we delve into crafting Employer Brand. Clear and Consistent Messaging becomes the backbone of the brand narrative. Here, we articulate brand values and mission with a clarity that resonates with potential candidates, aligning seamlessly with the personal values of our employees.

The narrative becomes a game of cohesion and synchronicity, strategically outlining each piece in a planned Content Strategy. From job postings to social media series, you maintain consistency, reinforcing a storyline that defines the brand (i.e. the employer). The strategy then becomes a roadmap that guides all, ensuring that every piece of content adds a layer to the larger brand narrative and positioning.

Hereafter, Recognition and Rewards become pivotal chapters, celebrating employees' achievements. These campaigns aren’t just about acknowledging success; they are about weaving recognition into the fabric of the employer brand - showcasing what you desire from your team through appreciation.

Through this, Employee Engagement Initiatives then form a heartwarming subplot. We communicate policies but also stories of mentorship, training, and wellness initiatives. This narrative element emphasises the brand's commitment to fostering a workplace where employees aren't just 'contributors' but active participants in their development and the brand's overall success.

It is at this point, where Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives take centre stage using habitual actions in recognition. The narrative consciously highlights the individuality of your workforce, showcasing initiatives that embrace diversity and inclusion without the need to punt the point across through organised activations.

The characters (employees) aren’t then shown for being diverse but rather celebrated for their (personal) accomplishments, acknowledging individualism and contributing to the impact of the brand’s values and its manner of authentically embodying diversity and inclusion.

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui on Unsplash

Impact on the Plot: Attracting, Retaining, and Thriving

As the narrative unfolds, the impact on talent acquisition and retention becomes evident. The story portrayed isn't a series of disconnected chapters; it's a strategic master plan that positions a brand for Top Talent Attraction.

A brand's narrative doesn't merely communicate job descriptions but the promise of professional growth, a positive work culture, and shared values. Turnover becomes a subplot where the active practice of brand values serves as a buffer against departures.

By focusing content on addressing the needs and expectations of your characters (employees), a brand ensures they feel heard and valued. The narrative becomes a tool for retaining talent and fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Brand narrative isn't just a story; it's a Competitive Branding Advantage. It's how to stand out in the crowded market, not with flashy gimmicks but with authentic values and practices that showcase what makes a brand voice unique and compelling. The characters become more than employees; they exist as ambassadors of a brand that stands for something meaningful.

Employee Referrals become the unintentional end goal, where our employees actively participate in brand and network referrals. Their networks and positive perceptions become the catalysts for attracting high-quality candidates for the brand and its partners. By this point, the narrative has created a community of storytellers who invite others to join brand initiatives.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Ultimately, The brand forges a story that transcends the traditional employer-employee relationship. It is a narrative where personal and employer branding converges, creating a space that attracts, retains, and celebrates the dynamic characters that make up an organisation. One that goes beyond the mundane and transforms the workplace into a setting where humanity and business thrive - a desired EVP.

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